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Emma Stone for Vogue (July 2012)

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You’re one of Glamours new faces of Hollywood. Do you feel like one?

[Puts on a mock glamour face and breathes in a sexy voice.] Hell, yeah. 


How to avoid talking about your relationship in interviews starring Emma Stone.

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Emma Stone | Out & About in NYC [May 28th,2013]

Emma Stone | Out & About in NYC [May 28th,2013]


Emma Stone takes her dog Ren to the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Tuesday morning, May 27.

The actress filmed scenes along with on-and-off screen love Andrew Garfield, who was stationed on a nearby rooftop in New York City.


Couples that make me go asdfhjkl (1/?): Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spiderman)

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